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1kg Benzoin Resin - Grade 8


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Benzoin Resin

Grade: India

Grade 8

Benzoin Resin is a balsam resin that is smooth and offers a floral touch in the background. The Benzoin Resin constitutes one of the most common ingredients in making different types of incense. It is also widely used in perfumery due to its aroma of the vanilla and other properties that are fixative in nature. A major component in the item is none other than the gum benzoin which is popularly used as an incense in the church in countries like those of Russia and other Christian church societies that are usually orthodox in nature.

Most of the benzoin resin today are used in India and other Arabian countries. In such countries, it is burned on top of the other burning charcoal as a form of incense. These resins are also widely used in producing the scented wood chips also known as the Bakhoor. Other uses include those of the mixed incense resin in Arabian countries and even the Horn of Africa. You can also find blended types of benzoin resin in Indian incense, Japanese incense, Papier d’Armenie and Chinese incense as well as other forms of incense sticks. It is a popular type of incense in India and is used to give scent and is even used to prevent different types of infections and treat the hair. Due to the peaceful and happy fragrance, it can be used to prepare a person for sessions of prayer because it induces a sense of tranquility and calms the nervous system. It is also popularly called as Gum Benjamin.

For External Use Only | Do Not Consume

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1kg Benzoin Resin - Grade 8

1kg Benzoin Resin - Grade 8

Do Not Consume