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Amber Resin

Origin: Indonesia

Amber resin is a resin derived from a fossilized tree. It is made in Indonesia and is widely appreciated across the world for its beautiful color as well as it's natural beauty. It's use has been recorded since the age of the Neolithic period. It has high value for its antiquity as compared to modern day gem stones. Some more crystallized forms are popular for making a wide variety of decorative objects.

This crafted, more fragrant Amber resin has been sourced from Indonesia and is delightfully aromatic. It is commonly considered as a sacred powder for the temple because it gives off a divine fragrance. It is often referred to as “Ambrosia” or even the “Nectar of the Gods”. It is widely used for meditative purposes, for healing, aphrodisiac, spiritual balancing, emotional balancing, love, luck, and even for the proposes of purification.

Amber resin incense is most-often used by warming the oil or even over burning tablets of charcoal by taking a small amount and putting it directly over the heat. This will release the fragrance and work its magic. It is widely used as a room fragrance in night stands or small rooms.

You may also place it on top of a setting and then leave it out in the open to mix with the fresh air.

Do Not Consume | Not For Internal Use

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Amber Resin

Amber Resin

Do Not Consume