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The Legend of the Dreamcatcher

The origins of the dreamcatcher lies within North America. Native Americans believed that hanging a dreamcatcher above your bedside resulted in the dreamcatcher absorbing one’s bad dreams while passing the good ones along through the center webbing.

The legend of the dreamcatcher has many variants among Native American tribes and even how the dreamcatcher works is argued upon among tribes.

The Ojibwa people are thought to be the first natives to use a dreamcatcher and it is thought that it’s use spread from there.

Designs among the many tribes may vary wildly but generally the symbolism and meaning is the same.

Below we are going to show photographs of some of our best dreamcatchers.

Traditional Dreamcatchers

There are many varietals of dreamcatchers available in today’s modern times.

Below are pictures of some of our traditional dreamcatchers:

Dreamcatcher | Black Tiger Eye
Dreamcatcher | Leather Black & WhiteDreamcatcher | Leather Black & White

Beaded Dreamcatchers

Below are pictures of some of our beaded dreamcatchers:

Tie Dye Dreamcatchers

Tie-dye dreamcatchers are also very popular.

Below are pictures of some of our traditional dreamcatchers:

Themed Dreamcatchers

There are also dreamcatchers fit into various themes such as the Celtic Tree of Life and so forth.

Below are pictures of some of our themed dreamcatchers:

Dreamcatcher | Four Elements

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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