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Pendulum Mats

The antiquity of pendulum divination has been around for thousands of years. When we say divination, it is an act of sourcing one’s divinity, subconscious mind, and higher frequency feelings. On the other hand, pendulum divination can provide insight into our lives, as well as great wisdom.

People who perform pendulum divination make use of different instruments, most commonly the pendulum, and pendulum mat. As a matter of fact, some believe a pendulum mat can greatly provide clarity and peace of mind throughout an individual’s sacred journey.

A black pendulum mat, as a mixture of all colors, is thought to captivate natural energies, as well as help one enter the spirit world and their subconscious mind.

Our black pendulum mats comes in various designs, such as Triquetra, Ohm, Triple Moon, Tree of Life, and Plain.

These symbols all have different meanings, for example, the Triquetra represents the power of three, the spirit, mind, and body.

These black pendulum mats sport decorative symbols in the middle portion of the mat.

The mat consists of words such as, Will not answer, yes, no, Try Again, Maybe, and Rephrase.

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Black Pendulum Mats

Black Pendulum Mats