Brown Painted Rainstick - Small 16" Expand

Brown Painted Rainstick - Small 16"


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Brown Painted Rainstick - Small 16"

Approximately 16 inches long.

Rainsticks are a quintessential instrument for all the modern percussionists. Take the spotlight in a crowd by making variant sounds like never before.

These brown painted rainsticks come in long and hollow tubes that have pins sticking through it. These tubes are stopped at both the ends and are filled partially with smaller sized items like beads or beans. When you turn over the rainsticks, the items inside flow over to the pins stuck to it and produces a kind of sound that matches the fall of heavy rain consistently hitting the surface of a roof.

This brown painted rainstick produces mystical music like the trickling of incessant rain. Turn this rainstick from one end to another in order to produce a sound that is unique and like none other. The rain-like sound is mesmerizing both to the kids and grownups alike. It is still widely used in all traditional ceremonies of rain in different parts of the world. It has a sturdy construction but comes in delicate customized pictures that have been painted beautifully with skilled hands. It produces a high-quality sound that is much clearer than the sound that is produced from other rainsticks that are made from plastic or other low-quality imitation products. It is dyed in brown earthy color and painted with decorative pictures. The smoothed surface with traditional sanding techniques gives it a finish that is resistant to moisture and has a longer durability.

Sanded smooth using traditional techniques and coated with a smooth finish for easy cleaning.
The 16-inch size is big enough for long sustained sound and lots of projection.

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Brown Painted Rainstick - Small 16"

Brown Painted Rainstick - Small 16"