Desert Sage Smudge Stick | 4 inch Expand

Desert Sage Smudge Stick | 4 inch


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Desert Sage Smudge Stick | 4 inch

A 4 inch bundle of dried desert sage, tied with a string.
About 1.5 inches wide.

Desert sage is a sacred Native American herb used for purification, rituals, or incense

Our desert sage smudge sticks are made of 100 percent natural and morally obtained materials. Desert sage became popular due to being used by Native Americans during smudging ceremonies. These four inch sage smudge sticks are made from New Mexico’s desert sage and wrapped with 100% cotton yarn.

These sage sticks are commonly used for cleansing spiritual areas and crystals, as well as cleaning. In fact, it is also used for protection, healing, and removing negativity. In addition, this product is commonly used in Wiccan practices and rituals.

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