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Dragons Blood Resin

Origin: Malaysia, Sumatra, China, or Ethiopia, please check what is listed.

Dragon's blood is a bright red resin, or tree sap tears, harvested from one a distinct variety of trees native to Southeast Asia, and many parts of Africa.

Although more commonly used as incense, or fragrance purposes, traditionally this substance was also used as a dye or pigment, and even used medicinally. Some varieties from South America have been purported to have wound healing properties. This substance also seems to have an affinity with practitioners of various forms of witchcraft who sometimes use  the resin as a dye to write down spells. Indians used it in religious ceremonies, and the Chinese used it as a varnish for wooden furniture, or even used it as ink to write with. In African Voodoo it is purported to have cleansing properties similar to white sage in native american cultures.

There are quite a few different varieties of dragon's blood resin and what we stock may change from time to time. 
Please inquire if you are looking for a specific strain.

The B-grade dragons blood has a light dusting of color.

The Chinese dragons blood is a different strain then the Ethiopian and has a bit less of a scent.

Not Sold For Internal Use

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good resin

arrived promptly and was just as described

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Dragons Blood Resin

Dragons Blood Resin

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