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Drum Dumplin

Length in Inches: 8
Diameter in Inches: 2.75

A drum dumpling is a drum which is played by twisting the hands in a rotating fashion. Twisting it from side to side with one hand allows the balls to rotate and hit both sides of the drum and create music from it. They are also sometimes referred to as pellet drums, rattle drums or shaman's drums. Some other names for other variations of the drum dumplin include: Damru, Den den daiko, Do, Nodo, Noedo, Tao, and Yeongdo.

This small and light-weight instrument can be played easily with either side of the hand. Just twist it slowly, side-to-side, and the exotic sound of the Asian drum dumplin will inhabit your atmosphere. The handle is made from wood and the head is a little larger in measurement. The wood is of a nice quality and color. The drum head is made from a material which has been recycled from natural animal skin.

The dumpling drum is a very popular instrument that is used in the cultural music of countries like India, Mongolia and even Tibet. You will frequently find the Tibetan Buddhist monks playing these dumpling drums in their ceremonies. The beating music in the drum is produced by the small strikers located on each side. A drum dumplin is a great choice for drum circles or cultural events. It is also often played to raise the energy level in a personal work space.

The drum head is double sided and is covered in goat skin. It was traditionally used by the human beings in order to be able to produce noise so that they can drive away the evil spirits during the ceremony of cleansing in a home or any space. It is also used widely in the modern day cleansing rituals to get rid of the evil spirits. Nowadays it is quite common to see people playing them along the streets of East Asia.

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Drum Dumplin very good

These quite similar to ones in home country. Thanks lots.

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Drum Dumplin

Drum Dumplin

Although this instrument is not officially 'Fair Trade', it is made in a calm working environment with ethical working conditions.