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Fool's Republic: A Novel


Author : Gordon W. Dale
ISBN : 1556439725 2100

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Fool's Republic: A Novel

Author : Gordon W. Dale
ISBN : 1556439725 2100

Citizens stories of state abuse, from secret wiretapping to unjust imprisonment and worse, make headlines daily. In the hands of novelist Gordon W. Dale, they drive a masterful political thriller. As Fools Republic opens, Simon Wyley floats in a tiny all-white cell. A short-order cook with a genius-level IQ, Wyley has had a steady job for twenty years, paid his taxes, kept to himself. A dedicated husband and father, hes a model citizen. So why is he being held?

Wyley is accused of committing crimes against the statethe charges are always implied, never specifiedand is being held without formal charge, benefit of counsel, or due process of law. He confuses and confounds his interrogators using the only weapons at his disposal, irony and whimsy, to challenge their arrogance and false assumptions. As Wyleys journey proceeds, we develop a deeper understanding of the man behind the wisecracks and of the society that has imprisoned him.

Exhibiting a crackling narrative energy and vivid prose, Fools Republic is about freedomfreedom of action, freedom of thought and, ultimately, the freedom to be human. It is the story of a mans struggle to come to terms with himself and the culture in which he lives.

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Fool's Republic: A Novel

Fool's Republic: A Novel