Green Aventurine Specimens 1.2" to 1.7" Expand

Green Aventurine Specimens 1.2" to 1.7"


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Green Aventurine Specimens

Aventurine is most commonly green, and often referred to as 'The Stone of Opportunity'.

It's name is derived from the Italian name a ventura or all'avventura, which means 'by chance'. It was a name for a type of Italian glass crafted in the 1700s which was produced when a craftsman dropped metal filings into a vat of liquid glass by mistake. This glass was characterized by the accompanying sparkling specks. People later thought that Aventurine looked similar to the glass product and thus, gave it a similar name.

This stone is actually a variety of quartz which has colored inclusions of mica and/or other minerals which give it a quality known as aventurescence. This trait is most noticeable when the stone is polished or tumbled.

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