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Magnetic Hematite Sticky Stones


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Magnetic Hematite Sticky Stones

These magnetic hematite sticky stones are quite popular, and a lot of fun. You can string them along and make sculptures out of it, or even perform certain tricks for your friends. You can now enjoy the great power of magnetism with these fun sticky magnetic hematite stones of learning. Besides the entertainment level that it offers to both young and old, it also comes in handy as magnet substitutes.

The hematite stones are actually oxides of iron which are magnetized and polished.

Hematite is also associated with the root chakra.

Great as a fridge magnet or on any other metallic surface at home or in the office space

Choking Hazard | Keep Away From Unsupervised Children

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Magnetic Hematite Sticky Stones

Magnetic Hematite Sticky Stones