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Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs


Author: Ralph Ellis

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Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs

Author: Ralph Ellis

There is good evidence in the Bible, Torah and Koran indicating that Jesus and his followers were not poor shepherds, carpenters and fishermen, but the Hyksos Shepherd pharaohs. The Biblical Exodus then makes historical sense, as the Hyksos Exodus from Egypt -- an actual historical event when half a million people evacuated Egypt after a civil war with the Thebans -- can be understood as the Exodus of the Old Testament. Further, Jesus can then be understood as a descendant of these pharoahs. Having found the Biblical Saul in the historical record, the author found new historical references to the Biblical Jesus, and has determined that he was descended from this Hyksos line, and was a Hyksos prince in exile -- the rebel governor of Tiberias, who led an army Jerusalem. He died in AD 65 after the revolt failed - 30 years after the presumed crucifixion.

Other revelations:
The Biblical Abraham was a pharaoh of Egypt
Jesus married his own sister, Mary Magdalene
Jesus followed the traditional Egyptian astrology: he was born a shepherd (Aries) and died a fisher of men (Pisces)

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Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs

Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs