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Kwan Yin Tapestry - 52x76


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Kwan Yin Tapestry - 52x76

Origin: India
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 52" by 76"

This vibrant colored wall hanging tapestry shows Kwan Yin, who is the goddess of Mercy and Bodhisattva of compassion which is the mother over all Buddhas. Kwan is the term for Earth and Yin represents the female force of life. It is believed that Kwan Yin is a fully enlightened Buddha who promised in the ancient past that once he has reached the highest form of enlightenment, he would reappear in the form of a woman and benefit all mankind. It comes with a measurement of 76 inches in length and 52 inches in width. It has a pocket provision measuring 2 inches to put a dowel or even a curtain rod. It should be hand washed during cleaning using cool water. It is a popular gift for housewarming parties for all friends and family.

Manufactured in Bali, it is a unique piece of art in the form of a divine tapestry wall hanging and will make a great addition to your collection. It is an elegant wall piece that beautifies the room wherever it is kept. It has been traditionally designed for healing arts, home decoration, beauty salon, rejuvenation spa, etc. During the ancient times, it was designed as a sacred piece of art that graces the wall and the entire room where it was hanged. Today, it is used widely as a decorative piece of art representing grace, elegance and the magic of the old world.

All the beautiful Kwan Yin designs have been printed by using a process of seven different colors on fabric that is the best in quality. It is an elegant piece of tapestry. Just insert a rod or a pole that you like in the top pocket provision in the fold and hang it wherever you like.

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Kwan Yin Tapestry - 52x76

Kwan Yin Tapestry - 52x76