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Laxmi Dhoop Incense

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Laxmi Dhoop Incense

Origin: India
8 in a pack

Sourced from the internationally famous company Sugandhi dhoop in Mysore India, Laxmi dhoop incense sticks are soft and dark brown or black in color. It is an incense combination that is manufactured without the bamboo sticks usually found in the core. It has been originally made for burning at poojas (an offering or ceremony), by honoring the Hindu goddess called Laxmi. This goddess represents the goddess of prosperity and wealth.

The Laxmi dhoop incense sticks come in a texture that is very similar to a lightly sticky plasticine but it has the look of tiny sticks of the licorice. You can mold it into the shape that you personally prefer but it is best when burnt as a thin cone or even as a stick.

When you burn it, it smells a little resinous but fresh all the same. It consists of loban, also known as benzoin, with a hint of lavender and bergamot. Laxmi dhoop incense sticks have become the very essence of the summer months in India with a fragrance that is both individual and distinctive in itself. Laxmi dhoop Sticks are processed at top quality and burns for over an hour depending on the shape that is used and the surrounding conditions.


• Exotic fragrant incense sticks named in honor of Laxmi, Hindu goddess of good fortune and prosperity.
• Provides fresh fragrance that is superior in quality.
• A touch of lavender along with bergamot to give an aroma that gives off a refreshing fragrance.
• Each dhoop stick offers burning power for over one hour, depending on the specific conditions as well as the shape in which the sticks have been molded.

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Traditional Dhoop

Laxmi makes a solid old-school dhoop incense. There's a couple brands I like more but this is a solid brand.

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Laxmi Dhoop Incense

Laxmi Dhoop Incense