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Maracas - Mini Assorted Colors


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Maracas - Mini Assorted Colors

Length in Inches: 12

Maracas are one of the most universally recognized percussion musical instruments. It is popularly played together in pairs. Each one is held in hand separately from the edge so that it will not prevent the shells from vibrating. Traditional Maracas are made from gourds which have been hollowed for this purpose. Each gourd head is then tied to a new handle to enable shaking of the instrument. Small items like beans, seeds or stones are put inside the gourd.

Percussion instruments like maracas were played even during ancient times. Today, many percussion and rhythm bands play several forms of music using the mini assorted maracas. Some musicians even pound the maracas on the drum heads to produce an interesting kind of effect in classical forms of music.

These top quality mini maracas are manufactured using traditional methods to give it an authentic appeal. It uses different kinds of gourd and even seedpods by hollowing or drying it out. Some traditional methods also use leather that is chopped out into two separate parts. It is then shaped in such a way to make a bell and then stitched together at the seams. Either the seeds of the gourd are used as pellets or other seeds like metal pellets, beads, beans and even buttons and shells. Each material and the quantity of beans in the gourd is selected with care in order to produce distinctive sounds differing from each other. Each maracas head is sanded to a smooth finish and painted with vibrant, bright colors to give it the aesthetic appeal. Our manufacturers use a unique formula to fill up the maracas or gourds with different materials.

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Maracas - Mini Assorted Colors

Maracas - Mini Assorted Colors