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Mineral Oil


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Mineral Oil 

Grade: Cosmetic

Origin: USA

For External Use Only

Mineral oil is a clear, odor-less liquid and is a very common ingredient in cosmetics. Mineral oil is also commonly known by the term “white mineral oil”. It adds a slick feeling to the product it is added to. Some of the common uses include hair care products, bath oils, skin care, or cosmetic products. It is also used as a solvent. When added to skin-care products, it usually does not add shine or make your skin look oily.


• Used as cold lotions, ointments and baby moisturizer
• Used to treat diaper rash
• Removes temporary tattoos
• Used by women for treating eyelashes and prevent long strands from cracking and busting
• Treats some scalp conditions
• Can be used to remove powder from makeup brush

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Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil