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Mortar & Pestle - Soapstone: Pentagram


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Mortar & Pestle - Soapstone: Pentagram

The Soapstone Pentagram Mortar & Pestle is a tool that is unique in nature. It is a great addition to the modern day kitchen and is also highly recommended for anyone who constantly works with the grinding of plants and herbs on a daily basis. It has been used from the ancient times in order to be able to prepare substances and ingredients by grinding and crushing them. This makes it easy to turn anything into a paste that is fine either in its wet form or powder form. This may also used in an altar.

The Soapstone Pentagram Mortar & Pestle is like a container bowl and is usually made of stone, ceramic and even hard wood. This one is particularly made from soapstone. The pestle is intentionally made to be quite heavy and blunt at the base so that it works wonderfully for the purposes of grinding and crushing. You can simply put all the ingredients that you wish in the mortar and start grinding slowly with the pestle that is shaped like a club.

Besides mixing and grinding the herbs for medicinal uses or alchemy, this soapstone pentagram mortar & pestle is widely popular because it is believed to carry certain types of energies in the material called the soapstone. It is believed that the soapstone has the potential to even change your life for the best. Soapstone is a material that is a kind of a metamorphic rock and radiates calming and positive energies.

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