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Neem Oil

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Neem Oil

Origin: India

For external use only

The Neem oil is described in the Ayurvedic texts as a ‘sarva Nirvarini Roga”. It means all ailment curer or universal healer. This Neem Oil is pure 100 % natural and derived from seeds of the Indian neem tree. Neem seed oil is a popular choice for skin treatment because it is rich in anti oxidants. It has been used for several centuries to treat different types of disorders for both the skin as well as the hair. The anti bacterial action of the Neem Oil works in effectively treating issues of the skin like rashes, acne, burns, hyper pigmentation, abrasions and even has moisturizing properties. The presence of the essential fatty acids and content of vitamins also helps in protecting and moisturizing the skin. For hair, it is popularly used to clarify the scalp and the hair by relieving it from conditions like dandruff, damage from the environment and even stimulates the follicles of the hair to improve the volume and growth of the hair. In this bottle, you will find a full bodied and dark colored oil which is strongly herbaceous. Although it effectively fights acne, it is also used as an excellent form of conditioner for the skin if you have particularly dry skin. Due to the fact that the oil is quite potent, it is not recommended to be applied in its fullest strength because it may cause irritation to the skin and can be quite offensive to the nose because it has a pungent smell.


• Eliminates hyper pigmentation and acne
• Heals abrasions and burns
• Moisturizes and heals
• Relieves conditions of psoriasis and eczema
• Counteracts the negative effects of excessive exposure to the sun
• Works as an effective antiseptic


got rid of my bug problem

I just mixed this with a little water, shook it up, and sprayed it over my plants a few times and the aphids were gone.


Neem Oil

Quality was ok but plastic bottle stained counter from labeling and after 1 year the oil was gone maybe leaked out

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Neem Oil

Neem Oil