Opopanax Resin - Sweet Myrrh Expand

Opopanax Resin - Sweet Myrrh

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Opopanax / Sweet Myrrh Resin

Commiphora sp.
Plant Family: Burseraceae

Opopanax is also known as Sweet Myrrh. Native to Southern Europe and the Middle east. The resin is extracted in similar ways to other fragrant tree saps such as frankincense or dragons blood. A cut is placed at the base of the tree and the resin that flows out is then dried in the sun.

Commonly burned as an incense, or used to make essential oils or perfumes. In ancient times, opopanax was also used to bind wounds and as an anti inflammatory but it has fallen out of disfavor.

Not For Internal use

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Opopanax Resin - Sweet Myrrh

Opopanax Resin - Sweet Myrrh