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Palo Santo Wood

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Palo Santo Wood

Origin: Peru

The Palo Santo is also known in Peru as the “Holy Stick”. The wood is widely used as a natural incense for its aromatic properties. It has been used over several centuries by the indigenous people living in the Andes and the Incas. It has been used widely as a remedy of the spiritual realm for cleansing and purifying purposes. It also has some medicinal purposes for treating different types of ailments. It gives off a fragrance that has a base note of frankincense with the aroma of fine citrus. It is popularly used by Peruvian shamans in rituals or ceremonies. Our palo santo is harvested from the wild forests of Peru from trees that have fallen naturally and the branches that have been lying dead for over 4 to 10 years right before the time they have been harvested. When burnt or used, it gives off a pungent fragrance that is effective in reducing the levels of anxiety and stress.

Not For Internal Use

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A Little Goes a Long Way

Smells great and good quality for the price.


the real deal

seems authentic to me

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