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Pumice Powder

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Pumice Powder

Pumice powder is entirely natural and comprised of volcanic ash.
It’s unique abrasive properties make it quite useful in a variety of products.
Being insoluble in in both oil and water, it’s an ideal additive to pumice soap bars and scrubs.
It may also be used for color variation in soap.
Pumice is also often used in cleaning, textile manufacturing, crafts, and other general uses.

Brand: Vienna Imports
Grain Size: Fine or Extra Fine
Origin: United States of America (USA)
Grade: Cosmetic
Color: Grey to Tan Powder

Mesh Size:

Fine Grain : Mesh size is 80-200. Grade is 0-1/2.
Extra Fine : 325 mesh (50% finer that the 44 micron)

Recommended use levels: 

Scrubs 0.1-3%
Soaps: 0.25-.50%

May contain trace amounts of crystalline silica in the form of natural quartz.
A N95 respirator is recommended when working with large quantities of powder.

We recommend use within 1 year of purchase date.

For External Use Only. Not For Internal Use

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Perfect texture for a face scrub

Turned out great, thank you


Not bad

Wish it was a little coarser but this worked to create an exfoliating side of my soap bars. Thanks!


I have never been softer

I use it with my body wash. I never thought my skin could feel this soft. I ordered 10 lbs, it was here in MD quicker than I expected. I will be ordering more. One thing, I wished it came in a FFFF grade.

Job well done, Thank You!

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Pumice Powder

Pumice Powder

Technical Information

Alternative Names: pumice, pumice powder, pumice stone, felsic, pumice stone powder, amorphous aluminum silicate, pumice granular stone, agricultural pumice, Amorphous aluminum silicate

CAS Number:1332-09-8
EINECS Number:310-127-6
ACID Number:99901E1050

Natural or Synthetic: Naturally occurring volcanic material.

Appearance: Light grey to light tan powder.
Solubility: Insoluble in water.
pH: 8-10

Eyes: Can cause irritation of the eyes.
Skin: Can cause minor irritation of the skin.
Ingestion: Can cause mild irritation of gastrointestinal tract if swallowed.

If Inhaled: Move person into fresh air and consult a physician.
In case of eye contact: Flush eyes with water as a precaution and consult physician if necessary.
A N95 respirator is recommended when working with large quantities of powder.

Pumice is an inert material and is essentially odorless.

For External Use Only. Not For Internal Use

If you are unsure about proper use of this product, please contact us.