Shamans Market: Purveyors of Cultural Products

We would like to welcome you to our Shamans Market at Vienna Imports.

We started our shop in 2011 and have been supplying high quality cultural products since.

Whether you’re looking for dream-catchers, incense, musical instruments, carved wooden boxes, tapestries, gemstones, pagan-related merchandise and much more. Our selection has grown and changed over the years and we continue to hone in on what our customers want and expect of us.

Shaman’s Market:

We stock quite a lot of cultural products of mystical origin.

Notably mentions include: Dream-catchers, incense, musical instruments, carved wooden boxes, tapestries, religious merchandise, gemstones, minerals, fragrance oils, smudge sticks, cultural merchandise, books, audio cds, fragrant resins, perfume, tea cups, and wind-chimes.

Reasons To Buy From Us:

At Vienna Imports, we aim to keep our prices low. We believe in retaining long-term relationships and we’d like to show we’re here to stay. Our selection has grown quite a lot over the last few years and new products are stocked constantly. We take customer service seriously and we won’t leave you hanging.

Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance!

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