Shoyeido Friend of Pine Incense Review

Today I am going to be reviewing Shoyeido’s Friend of Pine incense sticks.

The product description says:

A fresh, cool fragrance, reminiscent of a breeze passing through an ancient pine forest.

Shoyeido describes this incense as having the following primary scents:

Benzoin, sandalwood, and cinnamon.

Friend of Pine Incense Review

These are truly beautiful. In fact, the more I burn them, the more I like them.

Right after burning one of these incense sticks, the first thing I notice is the benzoin. It’s that heavy, wet-rock sort of benzoin, which seems to dominate the fragrance profile. Next is sandalwood and camphor, which provide a smoothing and opening vibe to the scent. There is sandalwood and spices which do a great job of mellowing out any harsh elements. I believe I sense the playful qualities of patchouli as well.

The pine and herbs are the best part though. This is definitely a ‘forest’ type of incense. It will remind you of the wilderness. It also provides a sort of ‘at peace’ feeling.

This is the cheapest incense in Shoyeido’s premium line. It’s blended very well. It almost produces a perfume-type aroma. The light wispy quality of the smoke allows the scent of the incense to travel easily.

A delightfully unique experience.

I think Shoyeido did an excellent job with this one.


I would rate these a solid 8.5/10.

This incense makes me feel like I’m wandering through an enchanted pine forest. The benzoin-heavy nature provides a masculine scent which reminds one of the wilderness.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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