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Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks

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Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks

Brand: Spiritual Sky

Made In The USA

A brand of over 35 years, Spiritual Sky from the USA takes the utmost delight in transcribing the wonders of nature into different types of incense sticks that are scented. It is perfect for all types of personality and occasion. Spiritual Sky has highly improved its incense sticks, shown both in its fragrance, as well as in it's quality. Bought out by new manufacturers in the USA, the brand has now put significant efforts into redefining its products. It has been made using a traditional formulation, using natural ingredients, fragrances, and a combination of bamboo sticks and natural charcoal made from charred coconut.

During ancient times, it was used only by the privileged few who could afford it. Incense sticks and their exotic fragrances have traveled ancient trade routes in caravans that have linked the farthest corners of the entire world. Today, it is rediscovered as an environmentally friendly air freshener.

Incense sticks by Spiritual Sky are widely burned for meditative purposes besides using it as a natural air freshener around the house. It gives off a fresh floral fragrance that is believed to lighten the mood and get rid of negative energy and high stress. It is widely used as a mood enhancer.

Product Specifications:

• Each stick can burn from an average of 30 - 45 minutes.
• Each pack of Spiritual Sky incense sticks contains 20 sticks.
• Amber is a floral scent that is both rich and warm.
• The fragrance of amber offers both restorative as well as romantic qualities.
• Hand rolled sticks using traditional formulas.



warm and rich, reminds me of a trip overseas.


Love these!

Don't know what to say but I really liked them!

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Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks

Spiritual Sky Incense Sticks