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The Great Prophetic Design: Found in Africa


Author: Bonnie Gaunt

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The Great Prophetic Design: Found in Africa

Author: Bonnie Gaunt

The Great Prophetic Design ... found in Africa Look at the amazing coordinates of Bethlehem - 31.68s? N Latitude, and 35.2s? E Longitude and then look at the Gematria for the Lord Jesus Christ! 3168 = Lord Jesus Christ 352 = His Name 352 = The Way These magnificent numbers of His Name are found in the design of the continent of Africa, and they tell the story of the creation of man imperfection, of his fall into sin, of the sending of a Redeemer, and of his eventual restoration to all that had been lost. These amazing coordinates of the place where that Redeemer was born into this world are the same numbers that surround Lake Victoria. This vast freshwater lake is so positioned above the Great Rift Valley that its waters plunge down into the Rift and flow north as the river Nile. This gigantic Rift illustrates the great rift between God and man resulting from the disobedience of Adam. But the healing waters from Lake Victoria provide life. How amazing it is to realize the most southern extremity of Lake Victoria is on 3.168s? S Latitude, still bearing the number of the Lord Jesus Christ. The square that these coordinates form surrounding Lake Victoria has sides of 3.52s? distance, bearing the number of His Name. And most amazing of all: the latitude of 3.168 S passes through the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This lofty snow covered mountain is positioned in the exact center of a circle one tenth the size of our earth, the circumference of which extends to the 31.68s? E Longitude meridian. It is a precise design, formed long before the creation of man on this earth.

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The Great Prophetic Design: Found in Africa

The Great Prophetic Design: Found in Africa