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Truth About Enochian Magick, The


Author : Schueler, Betty; Schueler, Gerald J.

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The Truth About Enochian Magick

Author : Schueler, Betty; Schueler, Gerald J.
Blast through the myths and misinformation as you discover the inner secrets of what has been called the most powerful magickal system available, when you read The Truth About Enochian Magick by Gerald and Betty Schueler.

Enochian Magick has been practiced by some of the most famous magicians of recent times. It was used by the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and by the magus, Aleister Crowley. It was originally revealed to the sixteenth-century magician, Dr. John Dee, and his assistant, Edward Kelly, by beings he named the Enochian Angels. When you contact, invoke, or visit these powerful angels on the magical planes, you open the door to a vast world of mystical knowledge.

The Truth About Enochian Magick, written by two authorities on this system, provides all the basic keys to help you achieve the spiritual enlightenment that Enochian Magick offers:

·Uncover the six primary forces of magick
·Learn the three fundamental laws of Enochian Magick
·Discover safe ways to practice this powerful system
·Explore the uses of Enochian Magick's two main techniques: crystal-gazing and traveling in the "Body of Light"
·Plumb the major secrets of the Enochian alphabet, Enochian Yoga, and the Enochian Tarot
·Discover the holy names of the rulers of the four Watchtowers of the Magical Universe—and the 21 magical letters of the Angelic alphabet
·Invoke powerful Angels for enlightenment
·Travel the magical universe

The Truth About Enochian Magick is the book that strips away the misconceptions and finally allows everyone access to this powerful and effective system for life improvement. Get your copy of The Truth About Enochian Magick today.

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Truth About Enochian Magick, The

Truth About Enochian Magick, The