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Tumbled Brazilian Amethyst


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Tumbled Brazilian amethyst

Origin: Brazil

These tumbled amethyst stones originate from Brazil.

Although considered a semi-precious gemstone by today's standards, ancient civilizations considered it to be of great value due to it's bright aesthetic appearance when polished. Amethyst stones are considered to be associated with the month of February, the month the Romans devoted to Neptune - God of Water.

All throughout history, Amethyst stones have been associated with preventing overindulgence. The upper-class would often encrust their goblets and chalices with Amethyst stones believing it would help prevent heedlessness. This association also led Catholic bishops to adorn their rings with the stones, to aid in spiritual protection.

According to legends, tumbled Brazilian amethyst may help protect travelers and guide them to reach their destination safely. Also, it's thought to bring about energies from spiritual realms in regards to inner strength, courage, balance, calm, peace, and stability.

Tumbled amethyst is often utilized in Japanese reiki, or crystal healing practices.

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Tumbled Brazilian Amethyst

Tumbled Brazilian Amethyst