Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawaii Expand

Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawaii


Author : Campbell, Sid
ISBN : 1583941606 18400

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Warrior Arts and Weapons of Ancient Hawaii

Author : Campbell, Sid
ISBN : 1583941606 18400

Until recently, the cultural lore of the ancient warriors of Hawaii was considered lost. This absorbing history documents the complex customs and military traditions of the ancient "koa" warriors, and the deadly tools they used in battles among the rival chieftains and kings. The warriors employed a wide array of deceptively simple but brutally effective weaponry, much of it unique to the islands and utilizing local materials such as shark teeth. Featured here are the main types used in combat from ancient times until the arrival of Captain Cook in 1778, including spears and daggers, slings, tripping weapons, stone "pikoi" weapons, strangling cords, and others, along with detailed explanations of how these enchanting but quite lethal weapons were employed. Many rare color photos of the actual weapons, combined with information regarding techniques, strategies, and construction, are included in this vivid and comprehensive history.

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