Cinnamon Brooms

What is a Cinnamon Broom?

Cinnamon brooms are small brooms made from pine straw.

The broom is then adorned with cinnamon or coated with cinnamon oil to provide it with a pungent scent.

Cinnamon brooms have become quite popular among witches and Wicca practitioners alike.

Pine and cinnamon are both considered to be good for cleansing and purification.

Some people believe cinnamon brooms be used for money drawing rituals.

Others believe they symbolize love and good luck.

They are also used as home decorations during Yule and Halloween.

Although they are often available in stores during Halloween, many people decide to make their own.

How Long Do Cinnamon Brooms Last?

As with most fragrances, cinnamon brooms will lose their scent over time. Although many people simply buy a new broom each year, it is actually quite easy to rejuvenate your cinnamon broom by generously applying cinnamon oil to the outside of it. Pure cinnamon oil can be harsh, so be sure to wear protective gear!

Alternatively, you could also try steaming your cinnamon broom. Sometimes this can release some of the cinnamon oil which has soaked into the broom. However, this won’t work forever, and eventually new cinnamon oil would have to be applied.

How To Make a Cinnamon Broom

The video below describes how to make a perfect cinnamon broom.

How To Use a Cinnamon Broom

The following video describes the many magical uses for cinnamon brooms.

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