Information on Rose Incense

In the West, the rose flower is considered to be a flower of love and compassion.

It is often portrayed in movies and other popular culture.

The rose flower is very aromatic and has a lovely sweet, floral scent which seems to inspire feelings of devotion.

It is considered the “emperor of flowers” or the “queen of flowers”.

In Indian culture, it is said the rose flower stimulates the heart chakra.

It is also a popular ingredient in the manufacturing of incense.

The Different Rose Flowers

There are several different colors of rose flowers and they each have a unique aroma and purpose.

Red and pink roses have the classic rose scent which most people are familiar with.

The white and yellow rose flowers are more floral, tart, with a tinge of citrus.

The orange flowers smell like violets or nasturtium, but with hints of fruit and clove.

There are technically thousands of different rose varieties, but not all of them are used by perfumeries or incense manufacturers. Only specific varieties of the rose flower hold a scent deemed valuable for common use.

Etymology of the Word Rose

It is said that the rose flower the Greeks were accustomed to was of a crimson red color, which is how it got it’s name.

The word ‘rose’ comes from ‘Rosa’, which is a Greek word meaning ‘red’.

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