How to Burn Rope Incense

There are many different styles of incense throughout the world. Each of them have their own distinct qualities and are each popular in their own right. Rope incense, which originates from countries in the region of Nepal and Tibet, is a rather unique type of incense.

Rope incense is made by wrapping fragrant herbs, flowers, resins, and similar materials into a thick rice paper, which is when twisted to form a rope.

Continue reading to learn how to burn rope incense.

Burning Rope Incense

Burning rope incense is very similar to burning other types of incense and isn’t really that difficult.

The best way to burn it is by using an incense burner intended specifically for rope incense.

These burners allow the incense to hang naturally and allow perfect airflow around it. Unfortunately, these burners can sometimes be hard to find.

An alternative way to burn rope incense is to place a small pile of ash in either an incense burner or on a fireproof-surface. It can then be placed upon the ash and lit. The ash helps promote airflow around the rope, which is essential for this style to burn evenly.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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