Does Incense Expire?

A question we are often asked is whether or not incense expires.

The answer is that incense does not expire in a way that could make the product dangerous or toxic.

You can store incense for many years and still burn it safely.

However, with age, you may find some of your incense may lose some it’s fragrance. This is typically from oils evaporating off the incense.

However, when stored in the correct manner, most natural incense sticks will keep a reasonable amount of scent for at least a couple years.

Cheaper, purely fragrance dipped incense sticks may lose their scent quicker then more natural varieties. In contrast, some higher quality styles of incense such as those incorporating natural aloeswood, like a fine wine, may actually improve when aged.

Basic Storage Tips

  • It is important to protect your incense from harsh elements such as heat, sun, and moisture.
  • Incense may pick up the odors of it’s surrounding atmosphere. It is recommended to keep your incense stored away from other fragrant materials in order for them to retain their original and true scent.
  • It is recommended not to store your incense in boxes made out of fragrant wood such as cedar. Storing your incense in boxes is perfectly okay, just make sure that the wood is a variety which does not offload a lot of scent.
Incense Smoke
Incense Smoke

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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