Morning Star Incense & Nippon Kodo Brand Spotlight

Morning Star incense is among the most highly regarded Japanese incense manufacturer in the western world. Nippon Kodo, the owner of the Morning Star brand, has been producing incense using traditional methods in Japan for well over 400 years. Nippon Kodo was founded by Jyuemon takai, a dedicated incense maker who crafted incense for the Japanese emperor. The fragrances used in Morning Star incense are inspired by these ancient formulas.

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Morning Star Incense Sticks

“To bring the culture of incense to the world. And in so doing, to fill people’s hearts with kindness and gladden their spirits and souls.” – Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo is known to believe that incense has the ability to relax the mind. The Morning Star incense brand was first manufactured in the 1960’s, intended to be an incense meant for everyday burning. Japanese incense has some unique qualities which are often unlike incense made in other nearby regions.

The fragrance is meant to be pure and smooth, not overbearing with odoriferous resins like some Indian incense can be. Being well-balanced, many people who do not normally enjoy incense, do enjoy Japanese incense varieties.

The Morning Star brand has been loved for over 40 years, by people all through-out the world. Nippon Kodo makes most of their incense by hand using time-honored methods. The same way which they have for hundreds of years.

Using high-quality materials, they craft a unique line of incense which is unlike any else. Aromatic woods and floral material adorns the helm of their fragrance profile. The compounds are mixed within a large vat and then pressed into strings.

Morning Star is a type of Japanese incense which does not contain a wood or bamboo core. This results in a pure fragrance, with minimal smoke. Each Box also comes with a small ceramic incense burner, so you could even buy these for burning incense on the go.

Nippon Kodo has several other lines of incense as well, including the popular Herb & Earth incense line.

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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