Nandita Fragrances & Incense Brand Spotlight

Nandita Fragrances is a premier incense manufacturer originating from the far land of India. Specializing in natural, hand-rolled masala incense sticks, incorporating a wide variety of exotic herbs, odoriferous resins, essential oils, and plant extracts. Today, Nandita exports their quality incense globally, to over 40 countries world-wide. Nandita is a caring company and make sure that none of their products contain endangered or restricted herbs or flora.

Sri.K.Y.Acharya (1928-2010) hails from the small village of Udupi Karnataka and began business when he was only 15 years of age. After many years of dedication and work, he was able to lift his small incense company to global company it is today. The company sells a variety of different products including incense, religious books, and related prayer items.

The Nandita website says the following about the founder:

He was a man of courage, clarity, discipline and independent attitude & life’s shortcomings did not stop him from achieving his vision. He was also a great philanthropist and charity was his only hobby.

He led a very simple life till the end and gave God all the credit for his success. His dream of opening a store for Incense sticks, Prayer items and Religious books in his native Udupi was realised in 2012.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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