R. Expo – Song of India Brand Spotlight

R. Expo previously used to be known as ‘Mathur Perfumery Works’ and was established in 1932. R. Expo is a leading manufacturer of Song of India incense, soap, perfume oils, and other goods, with a strong presence in the United States of America. They own the brand known as Song of India.

A family owned company, now owned by a third generation, has seen record growth in the digital era. They accredit quality, consistency, and superior customer service to their recent success.

R. Expo Products:

R. Expo is the company behind the popular brand name ‘Song of India’.

These are crafted to smell just like an Indian temple. Their product line includes incense sticks, incense cones, candles, perfume oils, and beauty products.

In addition, R. Expo’s American division is one of the largest importers of blue box nag champa in the world. Satya, the blue box nag champa manufacturer, has contracts with R. Expo to produce exclusive fragrances for them. Song of India products based on aromatherapy and traditional remedies. These pure fragrances are sure to produce a sense of ambiance. Other complimentary products are also sold by R. Expo, such as incense burners, oil burners, lamps, boxes, figurines, bells, chimes, and decanters.

We offer a wide spectrum of products from distant and remote parts of India to our customers, truly epitomizing the rich diversity of Indian Art, Craft and Culture. – R. Expo

Family History:

R. Expo is owned by three brothers and one sister, Raj Kumar Mathur (the eldest brother), Ashok Mathur (the middle child), Shiv Kumar Mathur (the youngest brother) and their sister Raj Kumari Mathur (the oldest sibling).

The company’s history began with their grandfather Mr. Jagdamba Prashad Mathur when he founded Mathur Perfumery Works in 1932. A humble beginning, but this is where it all started. Incorporating natural products such as herbs, plants, and roots allowed him to craft unique products that were loved by his local community.

The business was eventually passed onto his son, Mr. Durga Prashad Mathur. His son followed his fathers techniques and eventually rose to success. His wife, Mrs. Raj Rani Mathur helped him with the store-front.

Later on, India started becoming a popular tourist location and with a view of this new market, they decided to expand their business and begin exporting. R. Expo was founded in 1972 and new production facilities were setup. The helm of the company was passed on to Raj Kumar Mathur in 1989 and is still owned by him and his siblings today. They still use the same location setup by their grandfather over 80 years ago, both for production, as well as a show-room.

True To Their Roots

R. Expo uses a portion of proceeds from their sales to help support rural villages in India.

They purchase school and educational supplies for struggling children.

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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