The Wild Berry Incense Company Brand Spotlight

The Wild Berry Incense Company is an Oxford, Ohio icon. Founded in 1971 by Marc Biales. Although a native to Cleveland Heights, Marc Biales graduated from Miami University while starting his first business.

The corresponding gift store began it’s journey as a leather shop, selling hand-crafted belts, sandals, purses, and incense. Over time his business began to expand and he began stocking a wide variety of cultural imports from around the world. Although they now specialize primarily in incense, selling it globally, they also sell a wide variety of unique and wacky gifts.

The store is a nostalgic blast from the past for many who bring their kids in to shop for candy by the scoop, sterling silver jewelry, clothing from around the world, posters, greeting cards, and t-shirts. You can also find imported cigarettes and cigars, tapestries, wind chimes, novelties and many assorted pleasures. – The Wild Berry

The Wild Berry now stocks over 90 fragrances of incense, and release new ones from time to time as well. Their incense is generally well-liked and is made from a quality saw-dust recipe, rather then a being a cheaper charcoal-based incense. They also add a special ingredient to keep the incense smelling fresh.

Many of you from the 90s may remember the famous ‘Fizzy Pop’ scent that Wild Berry formulated.

The Wild Berry is a very popular incense brand and many through-out the world consider it to be their favorite.

Some of their scents, you likely won’t find elsewhere

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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