Goloka Incense Company Brand Spotlight

Goloka is a relatively well-known incense manufacturer hailing from India. The name comes from Goloka, the is the eternal supreme abode of Lord Krishna and Radha in Hindu lore. Their product line includes traditional Indian agarbathi (incense), fragrance oils, and Puja related merchandise. Goloka also manufacturers incense for the incense brands known as Padmini and Good Earth.

Additionally, Goloka’s nag champa is one of the best selling nag champa’s in the world, after Satya.

The company has been producing Goloka incense for since 1997 and they have proven themselves to be an iconic Indian brand. Much of their incense is crafted from an authentic masala paste base, prepared from odoriferous resins, aromatic woods, forest flowers, and quality fragrance oils. The manufacturer states that their incense is intended to provide a soothing fragrance.

An industrial journey of 16 years has enabled us to gain expertise in manufacturing these sticks with a difference. – Goloka 2013

goloka incense
Burning Incense Stick

The Goloka Seva Trust

They provide aid in to their native country of India in several ways:

  • Assistance to the Akshaya Patra Foundation which supplies mid day meals for under-privileged children.
  • Incense crafting is taught to widows in Vrindavan to help them find jobs and support themselves.
  • Helping poor students with scholarship and tuition assistance.

Goloka Seva Trust reports that they use 100% of their proceeds for charitable activities.

Their incense not only serves a charitable purpose, but their 21 year history lends assurance that you will receive a quality product.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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