Sandesh Agarbathi Company (SAC) Brand Spotlight

Sandesh Agarbathi Company began in 1970 with a humble beginning as a small cottage industry in Bangalore India. The company attributes much of their success to it’s founder, Mr. D.N.P. Guptha. They say that he spent quite a lot of his time experimenting and crafting new fragrances.

After he had a few good recipes formulated, he spoke with some of his neighbors and convinced them to roll incense sticks for him in a quantity sufficient for trade. A strict adherence to quality was the top priority. A simple beginning, but since then, Sandesh Agarbathi Company has grown into a globally recognized company. Now a house-hold brand, SAC now produces over 250 incense fragrances and are still recognized one of the top-tier quality manufacturers in the industry.

The Future of Sandesh Agarbathi Company

Sandesh claims to invest heavily into R&D and their experienced line of perfumers are constantly releasing new scents. Unlike many other incense companies in India, SAC has a proven track record of product demand anticipation.

It’s not uncommon for an incense company in India to see increased or decreased demands from month to month and a lot of these companies have a hard time supplying their products during these rises and dips.

However, ensures that their product is always available due to their chain of backup workers which they can call in when the market has additional demand.

Their current CEO is Mr. Shoban Babu.

His current aim is to expand the reach of Sandesh’s incense line into additional countries around the globe.

SAC is member of the All India Agarbathi Manufacture Association.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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