How to Interpret Candle Flame Meanings

Candles and their inherent flames often seem tranquil and mysterious in nature. As the flame flicks from side to side, many find it difficult to guard themselves from the entrancement. These candles might even seem to have a mind of their own. These attributes have led many cultures and traditions to find their own meanings behind the subtle flutters of flame. Such traditions include games, pagan magic, such as divination and interpreting candle flame meanings, and story-telling.

Below is a list of various candle flames and their inherent meanings:

The Candle Burns Evenly

In most traditions an evenly burning candle which does not have unusual smoke or movement usually means that everything is going as planned.

The Candle Has A Tall Flame

If your candle has a tall flame it is thought to mean that whatever it is you are intending is strong in nature and due to succeed.

The Candle Has A Small But Steady Flame

A small but steady flame means that you should keep going, but remain focused and unwithered.

The Candle Has A Small And Weak Flame

A puny flame is often thought to be a bad sign. It could mean that whatever your intention is, is doomed for failure, or it could mean that it could simply have negative, unwanted results.

The Candle Flame Is Erratic With Movement

When a candle flame appears erratic, it signals a strong and chaotic energy. If the flame is also large, it is usually accompanied by success, but if your flame is small, then you may face a strong opposition.

The Candle Makes Popping Sounds

A popping sound is thought to imply that there will be interference in your intentions, and it will not be an easy path.

The Candle Flame Suddenly Goes Out

If your flame suddenly goes out, then you did not have any success. You should put an end to the divination session. In some cases it may also mean that the object of attention has already been obtained.

The Candle Flame Refuses To Extinguish

If your candle refuses to extinguish, then you should be patient and watch it a little more for another outcome.

The Candle Flame Will Not Light

If your candle does not light then it is believed that you are practicing at the wrong time.

The Candle Makes A Lot Of Smoke

Candles which produce a lot of smoke, it means you should ease your mind, relax, and let things come to you.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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