Spiritual Candles: Colors & Their Meanings

Many people believe that the colors candles can have strong spiritual associations.

Below is a guide for candle colors and their attributions.


White is thought to be the color of new beginnings. It is often used in healing rituals but is also appropriate for lunar rituals. Church candles are typically white and are often associated with prayer and devotion.


Black is the deepest color and it encompasses all. Black is often thought to symbolize transitions and change.

Red is an intense color. It is often attributed to power and vitality. This is probably due to the color red being associated with flame and fires.

Blue is associated with patience, healing, and spirituality.

Yellow is associated with intelligence, focus, and intuition.

Green might be the color of money, but it is also thought to symbolize growth, luck, and prosperity.

The color orange is thought to symbolize creativity and invoke ambition.

Purple is often considered a color full of mystery and magic. It is also historically associated with royalty.

Pink is thought to symbolize happiness, well-being and forgiveness.

Grey is a confusing color. A color of neutrality and balance. It is thought to represent wisdom and discernment.
Light Blue

Light blue has a calming nature and is thought to dispel anger and symbolize truth.


Turquoise is named after the gemstone of a similar name. It is thought to have an inherent calming nature. These types of candles are sometimes used within mythology in connection with water fae.

The color lavender is associated with friendship and wishes.


Ivory is similar to white but just a bit tan or earthy. It is thought to symbolize the alternative side of the moon, when light isn’t protruding.

Light Green

Light green candles are similar to brown in that they represent nature.

They also are thought to symbolize luck and prosperity.


Magenta, being in-between dark and hot pink is quite a popular color. Pink candles/colors are thought to symbolize compassion and civility.

Brown is an early color with a strong adherence to stability and trust. It is also thought to symbolize animals and the nature realm.


Burgundy is a bit of a blur between two colors but it tempers between red and brown. Burgundy is thought to be associated with determination and strength.


Silver is a lunar color and has strong association with the moon. Wicca practitioners often incorporate silver candles into their altar to symbolize the great goddess.


Gold is thought to align with the sun and inspire confidence, willpower, and generosity. Gold candles are also thought to correlate with the almighty.

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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