How To Put Out an Incense Stick

Incense is burned for a wide variety of different reasons. Often burned for spiritual or religious reasons such as offerings or pujas, it is also burned to mask nefarious odors, for aromatherapy, or simply for enjoyment.

Whatever your reason for burning incense, it is important to realize that the smoldering tip is essentially on fire and has the potential to light nearby objects, such as curtains, on fire if left unattended or placed in an inadequate location.

Although it is common to simply let incense sticks burn until they go out on their own, for safety reasons, it is important to know how to put an incense stick out if the need arises. It can ultimately be the difference between a good experience, and a burned-down home.

Ways to Put Out an Incense Stick

  • The easiest way to put out an incense stick is to simply drench the lit section with water. This could be done in a sink or similar apparatus. Avoid getting the incense stick to wet or it may be difficult to relight later. Usually a small bit of water will do the trick.
  • You could also simply break off the tip into an ashtray, on concrete, or on an appropriate incense holder. Soon after, the broken off tip will finish smoldering in the safe location it is placed.
  • One way to put out an incense stick is to wet or lick two of your fingers and quickly pinch the top of the incense stick. Be mindful not to burn yourself if using this method. It is important not to apply to tight of a grip or it may result in burns.
  • Another way to put out an incense stick is to smash the tip against a flat rock or similar fireproof item.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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