What is Amber Resin?

What is Amber Incense Resin?

Amber resin is widely known as a compound with an irresistible and seductive scent. Some even consider it to be sacred, with divine qualities.

True amber resin was sometimes burned by the Chinese as a form of incense. It is also occasionally used in modern high-end perfumes. However, it is not burned as incense very often anymore because it produces very little fragrance unless distilled into an essential oil.

Modern amber incense resin is usually an aromatic composite made from various resins and herbs, often being created in India or Indonesia using traditional techniques. Many of the recipes involving amber resin are passed down from generation to generation and sometimes heavily guarded as family heirlooms.

Amber resin can be worn as a perfume, burned on charcoal as an incense, or even warmed in an oil burner.

Ingredients typically include: Myrrh, Frankincense, Gum Styrax, Benzoin, Vanilla, Patchouli, Sal Tree, Labdanum, and Spices.

These ingredients are often harvested from Africa, India, Indonesia, and surrounding countries.

It has a multitude of uses including involvement in meditation and cultural healing practices.

Other names for amber resin include: Ambrosia, Nectar of the Gods, India Amber, Himalayan AmberOmber, and Ambergris.

There are also several different types of amber resin including: Golden Amber, Dark Amber, and Celestial Amber

  • Golden amber often holds a warm nature with rich vanilla undertones.
  • Dark amber is sweet with a bit of spice.
  • Celestial amber has a punchier, patchouli-like scent.

How to Use Amber Resin?

Amber resin can be either used as a perfume, on potpourri or burned on charcoal. 

Amber Solid Perfume

The resin can be worn as a solid perfume simply by dabbing a small amount on your wrist or dark clothing.

Another popular tactic is to dab a small bit onto your wrist, and then rub your wrists together to spread the fragrance and melt the resin.

Note: It is important to test skin and clothing for allergic reactions or staining before use.

Amber Incense

It can also be heated in an oil burner or burned over charcoal in a similar way as frankincense or myrrh.

Room Fragrance

Amber is highly fragrant and some people even use it as a potpourri.

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