How To Burn Myrrh Resin

How To Burn Myrrh Resin

Myrrh resin is a natural resin harvested from trees within the Commiphora genus.

Myrrh has a long history of use in many cultures.

These would include traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and also religious traditions within Egyptian, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic practices. One notable example was when it was given as a gift to Baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men.

In addition to being used as in incense, perfumes, and medicines, it was also sometimes added to wine.

Materials Needed

  • A censer type incense burner.
  • Natural Sand or White Ash.
  • Self-igniting charcoal puck.
  • Metal Tongs (or other relevant tool).
  • Matches, lighter, gas stove-top or fireplace.
  • Myrrh Resin.


  1. Place a 2″ layer of ash upon the censer and form it into a pile.
  2. Use the metal tongs to pick up the charcoal puck and light it.
  3. Place the charcoal puck on top of the sand, allowing air to circulate around the puck.
  4. Allow the charcoal puck to sit for 3 to 5 minutes until it glows red and is covered in a layer of ash.
  5. Sprinkle your myrrh resin on top of the charcoal, but be careful not to smother the charcoal puck.
  6. Enjoy the crisp aroma of your burning myrrh resin.


  • Be extremely careful with lit charcoal. It is capable of reaching very high temperatures and can burn you.

This article was last revised on 02/26/2020.

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