What is Nag Champa?

Nag Champa is a very popular fragrance originating from India. It is commonly found in incense, perfumes, candles, soaps, fragrance oils, and even other products. It is also often burned in temples as an puja or offering. It also experienced a great surge in popularity in the 60s due to the rise of the hippie movement due to a lot of these young individuals traveling to India and bringing it back with them.

The composition of nag champa can vary slightly but is usually a combination of either plumeria or magnolia combined with sandalwood.

When it comes to incense, other ingredients are usually also added such as resins, spices, or oils to enhance the fragrance and also help the incense keep shape and form.

Whether you wish to give an offering, enhance your meditation experience or simply enjoy it’s scent, nag champa is a choice you won’t regret.

*The picture in this article is borrowed from Wikipedia, who says the image is under the public domain.

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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