Will Burning an Incense Stick Set Off a Smoke Detector?

A question that we are often asked is whether lighting an incense stick will set off their smoke detector/alarm or not.

Many people remember back in the 80s and so forth when lighting an incense stick would surely set off their smoke alarm. Pulling the batteries out before enjoying such activities was common practice, and so were angry parents, when they realized the batteries were taken out of their safety devices.

The good news is that this is not always the case anymore and many quality smoke detectors are now made which can more accurately determine safe levels of smoke in comparison to the prior generation of devices.

  • Keep in mind though, that not all smoke detectors are made to the same standards and may detect smoke at varying levels and degrees.
  • The level of smoke an incense stick produces is highly dependent on the ingredients and manufacturing process. This means that while some incense sticks may set your alarm off, others may not.

Through proper testing, you should to be able to find a smoke alarm and incense combination that doesn’t cause you to much of a fret.

Incense Smoke
Incense Smoke

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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