Gonesh Incense Brand Spotlight

Gonesh incense, an honored company of traditional heritage, wasn’t trademarked until 1965 but the history of extends much deeper then it may seem.

A Lithuanian immigrant known as Radzukinas purchased the Hindu agarbatti company, which was a small business at the time. Radzukinas feared that his name may be a cause for confusion for his new company and eventually decided to shorten it to ‘Radkins’. Shortly after, Radkins found immense success and from thereon focused his efforts manufacturing their traditional charcoal incense cones.

Inevitably, the company was passed down to his children and when they took over the company, it was renamed to Genieco Inc. At this point in time, the company began producing incense sticks and the name was changed yet again, this time to Gonesh.

After the company began to expand in the 70’s and 80’s, a third generation joined the business and were able to steer the company into success even after the fading of the hippie generation, who are thought to be a key customer base for the company.

It is not hard to see how similar the name Gonesh is to Ganesha, a popular and widely-known deity from the Hindu pantheon. Ganesha is well-known due to his easy recognizable elephant-shaped head, a common occurrence among Hindu culture, religion, and decoration. Ganesha is thought to portray intelligence and wisdom. He is also well-known as the ‘Lord of Beginnings’ and the ‘Remover of Obstacles’.

Their incense is some-what unique in that the incense sticks are coated in scented charcoal. This process allegedly eliminates that wood-like base scent that is common among some traditional incense brands. When the incense is burned, the oil soaked onto the charcoal vaporizes forms a luxurious scent.

Gonesh is a wonderful company which produces everything in-house. Nothing is processed out-side of the company, from the incense, to the dipping, to packaging. Their incense is typically quite consistent in quality and is less likely to differ from batch to batch then other manufacturers. Producing everything in-house allows them to maintain a high level of quality-control. Gonesh truly cares about their customers and have built quite a reputation for themselves.

Gonesh also makes other products, such as a brand of perfumes, scents, and seasonal sets. Their wide variety of products has led them to be a well-known name, not just nationally, but globally as well. Gonesh not only provides quality incense, but they offer their products at an affordable price.

This article was last revised on 02/28/2020.

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